Ragdoll Cannon 4 Ragdoll Cannon 4 Shoot the ragdoll from your cannon. Try to hit the targets in each level. You will have to clear obstacles and blow things up to reach the target i... 4.4 The Deepest Sleep The Deepest Sleep A terrible nightmare is back and this time its worser than ever before. Escape from the darkness of this game! Danger lurks around every corner. C... 4.2 Epic Revenge Epic Revenge have an Epic Revenge in this action platform game. Use WASD to run and jump, and use your mouse to aim and shoot. 4.2 One Legged Man One Legged Man Move a man with just one leg through the dungeons of this platform game. Pretty difficult no? Jump towards different platforms, trigger switches an... 4.1 Tied Stanta Escape Tied Stanta Escape Santaclaus was robbed and tied in his room. Help Santa escape from this cabin. Look for objects and clues that allow you to release him. All over t... 4.1 Cyber Rush Cyber Rush You are trapped inside a computer game and everything around you is falling apart. Now you must run! Unlock achievements and collect powerups along... 3.9 Cooking Witch Cooking Witch Step onto the broom of an evil witch. Pick up innocent children and throw them into the cauldron. You will make a delicious soup pf them! Muhahahaha 1 Escape from 26 Escape from 26 Escape from 26 is an adventure game set in a strange world filled with creepy cages. The game combines classic elements from escape games with beau... 4.2 Light Quest Light Quest In this retro platform game light quest you better not run out of light. You need it as a weapon and to lighten up the dark areas. If you only br... 1 Ninjas Never Die Ninjas Never Die Ninjas Never Die is a cool physics game. You have to rotate the game to get the ninja out of the labyrinth. Collect all coins and watch out for dan... 1 Ending Ending Learn the behaviours of different enemies and kick their butts in this clever puzzle maze game Ending. 1 Mr Tart Mr Tart Meet Mr. Tart and his friend. Help them reach the toasters in this platform game. Solve each puzzle that get harder with each level. His friend can... 1 Kim Dotcom Prison Break Kim Dotcom Prison Break Kim Dotcom, the owner of Megaupload, has been put to jail. You are going to save him! This is not an easy task, find tools, discover clues and avoi... 1 Zombie Girlfriend Zombie Girlfriend The love of your life turned into a zombie. This game is about zombies, guns, love and your zombie girlfriend. Its also about jumping platforms an... 4.2 We Are Friends We Are Friends Help the three cute alien creatures escape the puzzle factory! Their names are Xomo, Yomo and Zomo. Help them defeat the evil one and go after him! 4.2

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Prison Breakout

Prison Breakout

4.3 922


Make your way through tunnels and secret rooms to ultimately steal across the yard and over the wall. Sneak up behind guards to knock them out. But be careful, they'll hear you when you run. Avoid search lights by hiding in the shadows.


Arrow keys left/right = walk to the left or right
Shift + left/right arrow keys = run to the left or right
Arrow key up = reach up, pull yourself up
Arrow key down = crouch or climb down
Space bar = jump

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