Delicious Emily games


Delicious Emily

Delicious Emily games are a fun series of time management games with heart-warming storylines. The focus of the series is the friendly and upbeat caterer Emily and her family. Start out by working at Emily’s parents’ holiday park. As Emily grows up, she spreads her wings and runs her own restaurants and catering businesses. Even when bad luck comes Emily’s way, she never lets it get her down. Help Emily run her business by serving food, buying new stock, keeping her restaurants pretty and clean, and keeping customers happy. Emily’s best friend François is often ready to help around the shop, too. Along the way, Emily also finds the love of her life: her caring husband Patrick. Together they have a baby, Paige. Follow the lovely story of Emily’s family and help her overcome every obstacle in this amazing series of free time management and restaurant games. Have fun playing Delicious Emily games for free online!