JailbreakJailbreakTry to escape from jail ! 8.1Must Escape The MuseumMust Escape The MuseumYou were visiting a museum, but it was so boring that you fell asleep. Now you wake up, but you are all alone. Search for clues and solve all puzzles ...8.1Mimou Escape 2Mimou Escape 2The cat is again locked inside the wachingmachine. Help him escape before he gets wet! Can you help him? 8Must Escape the CastleMust Escape the CastleYou were exploring the castle and you got caught by the King. Now you have been thrown into jail and you have to escape! 8Escape Snowy MountainEscape Snowy MountainYou were traveling with your private plane, when suddenly the engine caught fire. You had to make an emergency landing on a snowy mountain. But it loo...8Polar EscapePolar EscapeYou are trapped in a South Pole station. Try to escape as quickly as possible before your time is up. Search for clues to solve puzzles and use items ...4.2Must Escape The Clock TowerMust Escape The Clock TowerEscape from the clock tower! After years you were finally visiting your grandma. She has this old clocktower in her street. You got around to visit it...8Must Escape The Pet ShopMust Escape The Pet ShopYou have been in this pet shop for so long that you fell asleep there. You must be exhausted from taking care of all these cute animals. Search for us...8Must Escape The SubwayMust Escape The SubwayYou were on your way home when you suddenly fell asleep. You woke up all alone inside a metro car. Now you have to escape. 8Must Escape The IslandMust Escape The IslandThe volcano on this island is exploding, get off as soon as possible! Of course that sounds easier than it is. Try to escape from the island to stay a...8
Escape The Roller Rink

Escape The Roller Rink



You are in the roller rink and you were supposed to meet up with some friends. But suddenly they went to another party and they left you behind. Find a way out of the roller rink and get yourself to the other party! Escape The Roller Rink in this fun escape game.