Sofia the First  (2)

Sofia the First

Play lots of fun Sofia the First games and explore the magical kingdom of Enchansia! Sofia and her mother Miranda live a quiet life as ordinary people in the kingdom of Enchansia until one day, King Roland II falls in love with Miranda and marries her. Because of her mother's marriage, Sofia has suddenly become a princess, and that's quite something to get used to! Many girls might dream of becoming a princess, but it's a big responsibility and as a royal heiress there are many things Sofia will have to learn. That's why Sofia goes to the Royal Preparatory Academy to learn how to be a proper monarch. While Sofia's new step-sister Amber is unfriendly and spoiled, Sofia can usually count on a little help and guidance from her kind, older step-brother, James.

Sofia's Magical Amulet: Calling All Princesses

Becoming a princess means that one day, Sofia will become a very powerful and influential person, so it's important that she learns to always do the right thing. Luckily, Sofia owns a magic amulet that will help her along her journey. The magic amulet rewards the wearer for deeds that are good and kind, but deals out curses if the wearer does things that are mean and wrong. The amulet's blessings are the reason that Sofia can talk to animals, for instance, like her friend Clover the Rabbit. Sofia's magical amulet even has the power to call on any other Disney Princess. The amulet will help Sofia find just the right princess for each adventure and will magically transport this princess to Enchansia to help Sofia in times of need. What a cool power!

Watch Out for Cedric the Royal Sorcerer!

It's obvious that Sofia's amulet contains very strong magic and can grant amazing powers. Unfortunately, that fact hasn't escaped the notice of the royal sorcerer Cedric. Cedric is a sneaky and greedy man who secretly wants to take Roland's throne and become the new King of Enchansia. He thinks that Sofia's magical amulet is just the thing he needs to make this wicked wish come true! Can you help Sofia foil the many nefarious plans Cedric hatches to try to steal the amulet? Help Sofia make the transition from ordinary girl to extraordinary princess, and keep the Kingdom of Enchansia safe!