1 vs 1001 vs 100Dutch quiz show from TV. You get a set of questions and you can choose the easy or the difficult one.8Cut the RopeCut the RopeCut the ropes in each level to make the candy swing through the level. Can you hit all of the stars along the way? After collecting the three stars, t...6Cut the Rope: Time TravelCut the Rope: Time TravelCan you feed all the candy to the little green monsters? Cut the rope to drop the candy onto the monsters. The monsters will open their mouth wide whe...6Roly Poly Cannon Bloody Monster Pack 2Roly Poly Cannon Bloody Monster Pack 2Launch bombs from your cannon and destroy monsters in Roly Poly Cannon Bloody Monster Pack 2.8Giraffe HeroGiraffe HeroMeet the legendary hero: Giraffe! His friends are trapped by hunters. Now you must help him to set them free. All you need to do is throw stones and c...6SundropsSundropsIn this game you have to aim and launch sundrops to collect as many pearls as possible. The sundrops should not go into the water, you have limited su...8Word MojoWord MojoWord Mojo is a simple but exciting puzzle game. Play Word Mojo and make endless variations in a race against the clock. Go for a GIGANTIC score by pla...7.9Worms ArmageddonWorms ArmageddonPlay the classic pixel game Worms. Can you blow up the enemy Worm army by aiming your bazookas and rockets carefully and scoring lots of hits? Take tu...6Cut the Rope ExperimentsCut the Rope ExperimentsPlay Cut the Rope Experiments, a nice Brain game for free!7.1Cut The Rope 2Cut The Rope 2SWEET! Om Nom's shenanigans continue in Cut the Rope 2 HTML5! With new characters, fresh gameplay elements and tricky missions, candy collecting has n...8.1


The Kingdom is under attack and the King needs your help to protect his 25 daughters! Your mission is to defeat all the enemies without harming the princess. Shoot powerful lightning bolts to electrocute them!

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