Honey, They Froze Our Kids Honey, They Froze Our Kids In this game you are a little monster. Your kids are frozen inside the ice cubes. Use your fire-breath to thaw them out. You will have to make sure... 1 Liquid Measure 3 Liquid Measure 3 You have to re-route the water pipes to fill all pots. There are new items available like the water multiplaier, antimatter bomb, three-way splitte... 4.3 Island Network Island Network Build bridges between the islands. Each island needs to have the amount of bridges seen in the numbers, and all islands must be connected together. 4.3 UFOLazzle UFOLazzle This game is packed with UFOs and lasers! A huge alien ship has lost all its energy. Now you must help these two aliens power up the power cells. ... 1 Bridge Builder Bridge Builder Are you an engineer? Find out in this bridge building simulator game. You can build a structure and drive a heavy truck over it to see if its toug... 4.1 Rig A Biridge Rig A Biridge Jerry is hungry, but Tom is guarding the kitchen. Can you help Jerry get some cheese? Build bridges using any material you can find, and help Jerry... 4.5 Vroom Vroom Construct the road ahead and bring the car to the finish. Use platforms, loops, ramps and jumps. You can also create your own track. 4.5 Spark Spark Flip the bridges and make sure the path of the Sparks does not get interupted. 1 Iso Ball Iso Ball Build a path so that the ball rolls into the hole. 4.4 Liquid Measure Liquid Measure Try to fill the provided containers with water in the puzzle game Liquid Measure. 1 New Year\'s Rush New Year\'s Rush Create the level with platforms and try to reach the exit. 1 Pipeworks Pipeworks Quick! Get your pipes in a row before the water pressure blows! Make a clean run from the tap to the drain. 1 Jardinoo Jardinoo Help the moles to dig tunnels in order to use them to water all the plants in the garden; click on the section you want to change. It looks simple ... 1 Magic Tiles Adventure Magic Tiles Adventure 40 levels of fitting the shape in the right spot as the level rotates. Help the guy get across the map! 1 Chat Noir Chat Noir Dont let the cat get out of the screen. Block its feet! 4.3

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Jamming Hamster

Jamming Hamster

4.3 132


Connect the pieces to move the hamsters across the maze to the other side. Collect the disco items for extra points.


Play this game with your mouse.

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