Neon Rotate Neon Rotate Connect the hubs by rotating the pieces. Can you connect up all the lines? You can not leave any dead ends that will leak energy. All the pieces ha... 3.9 Cargo Bridge Cargo Bridge Build a bridge for your workers to cross so they can pick up the cargo and bring it back. Can you build a bridge that is strong enough to support a... 3.9 Liquid Measure: Crystal Water Level Pack Liquid Measure: Crystal Water Level Pack Get the water to the buckets by connecting all sections of the pipes with other objects. Can you solve all the puzzles in this fun Liquid Measures ... 4 Sidetracks Sidetracks Change the tracks in this fun train game. Make sure to pick up all the goods and deliver them at the stations. 4.3 Mini Metro (Alpha) Mini Metro (Alpha) Always complaining about trains that do not run on time? Well, in this simulation game you get to choose the direction and stops of the subway line... 4.3 Dead Convoy Dead Convoy Enemy troops are getting closer and you dont want them to invade your land. Place dynamite around the bridge and detonate it when they are attempt... 4.1 Knight And Magic Knight And Magic Guide this brave soldier towards the wormholes. To each these you have to remove some blocks and create a path. With a single mouse click you can ... 4 Liquid Measure 3 Liquid Measure 3 You have to re-route the water pipes to fill all pots. There are new items available like the water multiplaier, antimatter bomb, three-way splitte... 4.1 Rig A Biridge Rig A Biridge Jerry is hungry, but Tom is guarding the kitchen. Can you help Jerry get some cheese? Build bridges using any material you can find, and help Jerry... 4.5 Penguin Pass Penguin Pass Get the penguin to the other side safely by placing iceblocks in the water. The penguin will not cross until you have placed all the blocks. Create... 1 New Year\'s Rush New Year\'s Rush Create the level with platforms and try to reach the exit. 1 Chat Noir Chat Noir Dont let the cat get out of the screen. Block its feet! 4.2 Sweet Walk Sweet Walk You need to help the girl walk as long as she can. Place the right roads to keep her walking. 1 Balloon Park Balloon Park Connect the tubes properly and deliver helium to the balloons! 1 Fudge Frenzy Fudge Frenzy This obese little kid needs some yummy sweets to... hm, grow? Connect the pipes with the mouse to make the machine produce some candy. 1

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Jamming Hamster

Jamming Hamster

9.3 132


Connect the pieces to move the hamsters across the maze to the other side. Collect the disco items for extra points.


Play this game with your mouse.

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