Cargo Bridge Cargo Bridge Build a bridge for your workers to cross so they can pick up the cargo and bring it back. Can you build a bridge that is strong enough to support a... 5.4 Stick Hero Stick Hero Build a bridge to help the man in the yellow hardhat cross the gaps in the road. Click to start building a stick. Release the mouse when the stick ... 4.9 Wooden Path 2 Wooden Path 2 Build bridges across the river and discover new lands! Move the colored blocks on your path, make use of magical rings, teleporters and many other ... 5.1 Vampire Academy Vampire Academy Place vampire blocks in the right positions and transform all humans into vampires. Beware for priests and vampire hunters, they will stop you. Can... 5.7 Knight And Magic Knight And Magic Guide this brave soldier towards the wormholes. To each these you have to remove some blocks and create a path. With a single mouse click you can ... 5.1 Liquid Measure 3 Liquid Measure 3 You have to re-route the water pipes to fill all pots. There are new items available like the water multiplaier, antimatter bomb, three-way splitte... 5 Island Network Island Network Build bridges between the islands. Each island needs to have the amount of bridges seen in the numbers, and all islands must be connected together. 4.8 Bridge Builder Bridge Builder Are you an engineer? Find out in this bridge building simulator game. You can build a structure and drive a heavy truck over it to see if its toug... 5.3 Choologic Choologic Youre working hard on building a new railroad. But work harder, because the train has to go! 4.8 Grow Island Grow Island Make the right combinations.The choices you make have effect on the evolution of the island. 5.7 Spark Spark Flip the bridges and make sure the path of the Sparks does not get interupted. 1 Pipeworks Pipeworks Create a pipeline to the gutter as soon as possible! Fill all open holes! 1 Iso Ball Iso Ball Build a path so that the ball rolls into the hole. 4.8 The Waterway The Waterway Guide waterdrops to the pond. Avoid any obstacles you encounter by destroying or moving them. Use the wind to move the waterdrops. 1 Ant Run Pro Ant Run Pro Can you help this ant find his way under ground? 1

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Jamming Hamster

Jamming Hamster

4.8 132


Connect the pieces to move the hamsters across the maze to the other side. Collect the disco items for extra points.


Play this game with your mouse.

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