Mysterious Neighbours Mysterious Neighbours Help detective Wilson on his mission to solve the mysterie of some strange neighbours. People complained about noise at an abandoned old house in t... 4.3 Mickey Mouse Hidden Object Mickey Mouse Hidden Object Find the hidden objects in these Mickey Mouse images. Did Goofy make a mess? Or has Donald been mischief? Of course.. you can clean up the mess the... 1 Nicole Adventures Mexico Nicole Adventures Mexico Nicole has lost her stuff once more. This time in Mexico! Help her find her stuff back. 4.8 Nicole Adventures Nicole Adventures Find all the objects that Nicole has lost in the Jungle. Help her getting it back. You can also make use of the Hints option. 4.4 Alladin\'s Quest Alladin\'s Quest Find the right picture. 1 Find the White Bottle Find the White Bottle Find all the white bottles. Be careful, some are really well hidden. 1 Time Paradox Time Paradox Mortimer Becketts back for an all-new, eye-popping adventure! Although Mortimer was able to get rid of the ghosts in his last adventure, his Uncle... 4.5 Righteous Kill 2 Righteous Kill 2 Find the objects listed on the left in the murder scene as you progress in the storyline. 1 Deep Chalk Deep Chalk Escape reality and enter Deep Chalk! 1 The Fog Fall The Fog Fall The Fog Fall is another point and click adventure game like the Submachine series. Use the mouse to move around and pick up and use various items... 4.5 In a Room In a Room Looking for a short and easy room escape game to play today? 1 Find the Hero Find the Hero Choose the right outfit to become a superhero. 1 Mystery Ville Mystery Ville Try to find the items in this search and find game. 4.8 S-Kape S-Kape Try to find a way out of this clicking game. 1 La Luna Hotel La Luna Hotel You wake up and dont remember anything - find the key to your memory! 4.3

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It’s a race against time to get this mess in order—and the fish will only make things worse!


Click on things to pick them up or tidy them up , placing toys in their outlines and clothes in the closet.

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mazy +1 good game
kittenkat +1 its very hard