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Hidden Object Games

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Hidden Object games are fun games in which you have to search for hidden objects to solve puzzles and complete each level. Often, these games will have a plot that follows a detective-like storyline that emphasizes your problem-solving skills and eye for detail. Look carefully at each image and find the items on your list. You’ll often get to pick out some bonus items as well, to boost your score. There are various types of Hidden Object games, as you can read more about them below.

Hidden Objects: HOG and HOS

You will often see the acronym HOG used to refer to Hidden Object games, but you might also come across the term HOS. HOS stands for Hidden Object Scenes. Both terms refer to games in which you are presented with a cluttered scene full of items and junk. Amongst the jumble of stuff, you might be able to spot some valuable items. Tap to collect and cross them off your list. The emphasis in these games in on finding the listed objects in each scene. Check out our search image games for more!

Hidden Objects: HOPA and FrOG

FrOG titles refer to hidden objects that represent fragments of a larger item. You will have to locate all the fragments in the image and piece them together. You might also come across the term HOPA, which stands for Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure. These games are focused more on finding items, tools, and clues that you will need to solve a range of tricky puzzles. There is often also a more developed storyline in these games. A good example is The Mysteries of Mortlake Mansion, in which magical items and potions will allow you to shift between the shadow dimension and the normal world to unlock secret rooms and gather concealed clues.

Hidden Object themes

If you browse the collection of games on this page, you’ll notice that paranormal mysteries and detective stories are frequent themes of these games. Put your observational skills to the test and join the hunt for clues. If you’re looking for more general search and find games, you can find out full collection here. For more puzzles, check out our puzzle games pages.